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Superb secrets to amplify the performance of your iPhone in 2019

Every smartphone user wants his or her phone to work as speedily as possible. Even iPhone users try everything possible to boost a slow iPhone. However, whenever there is a new iPhone in the market, iPhone lovers either want their iPhone to work as quickly as the new one or they plan to buy a new one. As older iPhones tend to have few speed issues. But, most of these problems manage if iPhones manage properly. If the new iPhones are not optimized properly, even they might slow down. All you have to understand is that electronic gadget is supposed to get slower over time. It is simply because the memory fills up. Also, additional software or program install.

iPhone App Performance

Well, every old gadget tends to slow down with time. Hence, the way a brand new iPhone works will be different than an older one. However, if your iPhone becomes too unresponsive or the applications take a long time to open, then you have to follow some steps to improve the performance of the phone. There are a few tweaks that can be done to boost the performance of your device. And, it is anytime better than buying a new iPhone immediately.

Listed below are a few top secrets to boost the performance of your iPhone:

• Memory management is the key

If you are using a Mac, you know that there is a program that cleanses memory to increase the speed of the Mac. However, you would be surprised to know that there is a program to clean up the memory of the iPhone in the App Store as well; ‘Battery Saver’. It is one of the most useful programs as it depicts the volume of memory you’ve used along with the free space. Also, there is an option to Boost Memory as well. All you have to do it, tap it and your iPhone’s memory will be optimized properly. As soon as you will tap this option, and you will quickly see the difference.

• Optimize your Gallery

Managing your photos is a great way to optimize the space in your phone. To manage the photos in the gallery, you would have to Go to Settings and then click on Photos. After that, select ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’. It will enable your phone to optimize storage for all the photos on the iPhone. In case, you have plenty of images, and they not save to iCloud, then you might have to first, do that. Taking a backup of your pictures will make it easy for you to manage space in your iPhone.

• Clear Up Safari

A lot of the data is stored in safari in the form of cookies and cache as well. Hence, it is important to clean the data in Safari. For this, you will have to first go to Settings. Then, get to Safari’s option and tap on it. There, you will get an option to 'Clear History and Website Data'. Click on it. Keep in mind that this action can make the web a bit less convenient for a while. After clearing, the data a few of the websites will forget your preferences. Also, the URLs which are not bookmark lost. So, be prepared. But, eventually, it will lead to the betterment of your phone’s speed. As a lot of data, which isn’t of any use is at the time store here and this action will erase all that data.

• Get rid of automatic app refresh

To speed up your iPhone as well as boost the battery life, you might want to get rid of automatic app refresh and auto download as well. Activities running in the background might be slowing down your phone thus turning them off might boost the performance. To do that, click on Settings and then tap on General. The, click on Background App Refresh and switch it off. Also, in the iTunes & App Store, switch off Automatic Downloads. You will get this option under the Apps and Updates section.

Steps listed above will boost the speed of your iPhone Application and device also. Haven’t tried yet? Try them now to see the difference. Also, make sure you handle your phone in such a way that it manages to slow down less abruptly. If the iPhone’s memory space and other vital components manage properly, then the chances of slow down would be less.

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