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5 Strategies to Reduce The Cost of Your iOS App Development

Reduce Cost of iOS App Development project without compromising on the quality of the app.

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Once you have decided on developing an iOS app project, the next question that comes up is the expenditure. There are many ways to reduce the cost of your iOS application development project, but it ensures that cutting out such corners does not have any effect on the final product.

It estimates that the cost of developing a simple, table-based app can be between $ 1000 and $ 4000, while the cost of developing database applications can be between $8000 to $50000. The cost of developing an iOS-based gaming app is between $10000 to $250000. It is a known fact that developing an iOS application costs lesser than developing an Android application. There are ways to further bring down the total cost of the iOS app development project without compromising on the quality of the app.

The Need for Less Updates Soon After The App Launch

Some developers will be rush into launching the app as soon as possible that some easy-to-solve bugs will be left unnoticed. The developers and testers will have to spend time after the app release to work on it and correct the errors immediately. This last-minute, panicky app release and its further update will pave for more such frequent updates soon after the app release which will add to your app development costs.

Therefore, it is important to do some research before the app launch, check out the competition and try to edit the app functionality and behavior in such a way that there aren’t any silly or common errors in it that would need immediate attention.

Don’t SideTrack to Android

Some would advise working on the development of the same app on two platforms – Android and iOS – at the same time to speed up the development time and cut down on costs. But keep in mind that it is a risky way which would, more often than not, lead to higher development costs over the budget. It is important to concentrate on the iOS development project first and focus on it until its release.

In case if you are developing an Android application first, then you can produce it with Xamarin. Trello used Xamarin for their native Android app development which shared a good 60% to 80% of the code with iOS which hugely reduced their developmental cost. It found that developing an Android application on Xamarin and sharing the code later for iOS app development can reduce the developmental costs to up to 60%.

Reduce The App Development Time

In addition to focusing directly on reducing the cost of app development, you can also focus on reducing the time spent on app development which will also indirectly play a part in reducing the total cost.

You can adopt any suitable working system like Agile, Kanban, etc. to speed up the development process with extra stress on the quality and minimizing the unnecessary and round about official paper works.

Choosing The Right iOS Developers

Frequently, application development projects are outsourced to iOS App Development Company India or individual developers. This cost of developing the application banks hugely on this selection.

Choose the right set of iOS developers for your project based on their experience, skillset, past accomplishments, and credentials. Sit with them to discuss and see if they can understand your target audience. A good developer wouldn’t just stop at developing a great application; the person should also give inputs to develop it further and fine tune it according to your niche and audience.

If you are on a tight budget, tell your developer about it. Some plug-ins and templates that are licensed which could bring down the cost of your project and any decent developer will guide you towards it.

Choosing such a developer will ensure that the first release of your app is good and the other followed updates will support to make it an even better application.

Be Clear with Your Idea

Of course, you have a concept for the iOS app, but your vision can only be translated into an app if you are vocally clear about it to the developer. From the color of the app to the kind of interface you wish to see and the images you want to include, be precise and guide the developer through it.

The faster you tell the developer about the vision of the app you have, the better it will be. Else, various modifications after the developer has created the app will only increase your development costs. So it is better to send a soft copy of detail about every aspect of your mind's perspective so that the developer can work from the beginning.

Ensure that whatever strategies you adopt in bringing down the development cost, the quality and the efficiency of the application aren’t compromise.

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