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App Store says no to app download after upgrading your Apple device to iOS11.4.1

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Every OS update brings along a lot of excitement, new features, bug fixes, and possibility some disappointments as well. Sometimes, the new updates fail to match up to the expectations of the people, and at times they do not fulfill the demanding needs of the users. But, most of the times especially, when it comes to Apple updates, specifically the iOS updates, they are mostly done with deliberation and intended to match the needs as well as the demands of the user.

How good is iOS 11.4.1?

iOS 11 has a mixed story. Some people like it, some think it lacks certain important features, and from the quality perspective also, it has its share of ups and downs. Though, with regular updates, Apple is desperately trying to make the iOS 11 family a lot better and much improved. Apart from fixing the bugs, iOS 11.4.1 comes along with some added features as well.

After updating the phone to iOS 11.4.1, the users will be able to easily view the last recognized place of the AirPods in the "Find My iPhone" mobile application, the earlier version had a bug and users were restricted to find out the exact location. Apart from that, it has also enhanced the reliability of syncing the contacts, emails as well as notes with the users Microsoft Exchange accounts. Apart from these also, there is plenty of things that this new update offers like boosts the performance of the iPhone. However, there are some of the issues associated with this update as well.

What’s the problem with iOS 11.4.1?

iOS 11.4.1 seems to the best offering of the iOS 11 platter, but it has its set of shortcomings too. Starting from a few problems in the installation process, a few WIFI issues, irregular battery drain to some of the problems with the Bluetooth, this iOS version is fixing some bugs but is not making the iOS completely error free. Both the iPad and iPhone users have faced a different type of iOS 11.4.1 installation issues like problems in iTunes, unable to download items in iTunes, phone lagging, etc. Apart from these even Touch ID issues and problems with the AirPlay issues and Face ID also recorded. And when it comes specifically to the iPhone 7 users, they are facing certain separate problems as well, like a grayed-out speaker button during calls. But, Apple seems too aware of most of the problems and seems like they are trying out ways to solve it. However, the toughest of all the errors is the one that restricts the user from downloading anything from Apple's App Store after upgrading the Apple device to iOS 11.4.1.

Why are users unable to download anything from the Apple’s App Store after upgrading the Apple device to iOS 11.4.1?

After upgrading, their iPhones to iOS 11.4.1 some of the users found out that they were unable to download or even update applications. Also, they were not able to buy any of the apps from the App Store. And, at the same time, they were facing the battery draining and Wi-Fi issues as well.

The situation turned out to worse when the users were unable to even buy things inside the apps like iTunes. The situation became even worse when the users started getting error messages even while trying to open the App Store. Something like can’t connect to the App Store. Type of a message started appearing on some of the iPhones with iOS 11.4.1.

Can we fix this?

One of the best resolutions in all this is rebooting your phone. Also, when it comes to a problem while connecting to the App Store, you may want to sync the date and time on the iPhone by going to Settings, General and then the Date & Time section. Here, you can toggle off the ‘Set Automatically’ option. And then you would have to scroll down, to manually set the correct date and time for your iPhone. After doing this, you will see that even the date and time in the App Store, inside the Today tab has also changed. After doing this, get to your App Store, leave it open for a couple of seconds or so and then get back to the Date & Time, which is present in the settings section and again toggle on Set Automatically. It will help to reboot the App Store.

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